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About Us

There is a constant demand for rainfall, snowfall, and temperature historical data. Homeowners need it for flood insurance and weather-related damage claims. Insurance companies need it for disputes with policy holders. Lawyers and forensic meteorologists need it to settle civil and even criminal lawsuits. Snowplow drivers need it to settle bills with clients and customers.

I started The Weather Collector to provide a quick and easy way to look up historical rainfall, snowfall, and temperature information. There are a lot of historical websites out there, but I always felt the process of looking up totals was confusing and time consuming.

Using Google Maps, The Weather Collector gives you access to the entire United States with just one click. Instead of just getting text, your search generates a map of the rainfall or snowfall totals in your area. The map will allow you to see trends that you might miss with just a list of text.

With a Masters in meteorology, six years of forecasting experience, and a seal from the American Meteorology Society, I understand that studying past weather data is just as important as predicting the future. I will be constantly updating and adding features to this site, so please contact us for ideas on how to improve The Weather Collector!

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